Friday, 25 March 2011

The magic... (Story begining)

"Morning" I say walking into the kitchen
"Morning, you’re up early, its only seven o'clock and it’s a weekend. You feeling alright" My mum laughs
"Yeah I’m fine; I just couldn't get back to sleep. Is it ok if i go out for an early-morning walk?" I say putting two wheat-a-bix in a bowl.
"OK! You really aren't feeling alright"
"I am! I just want to get a bit of fresh air and exercise" I say with my mouth full of chomped-up wheat-a-bix.
"Ok, but don't take too long"
I quickly munch my cereal, run up the stairs and get changed into my pink hoodie, my jeans and my grey boots. I find my old backpack, and run back down the stairs, two at time. I stuff in a bottle of water, a sandwich my mum made for me, and my notebook and pen. My notebook and pen, i take everywhere i go, i want to be an author when I’m older and so you never know when a story idea will just pop into your head.
"See you later mum" I shouted as i closed the door behind me. The sun was shining and there was a nice cold breeze in the air. There were fluffy white clouds in the sky and birds in the trees, a perfect day for an early morning walk. My mum acted surprised because i usually hate going for walks, but now I’m closer to nature, and i like walking to the forest near my house. We live in the country-side and i love it! We live in a small country cottage with stone walls and wooden doors and roses round the door frame, and the best bit of all is we have a garden. Not just a garden, a very BIG garden, in the summer we plant flowers such as pansies, lilies, daffodils, iris and primroses. We also have a greenhouse and plant tomatoes, cucumber and even green beans, i love helping my mum in the garden.

I cross over the road and walk along the path. I walk down the road and the forest comes in view.
In the forest the leaves crunch underneath my feet on the mossy ground. I pass the old chestnut tree and walk along throw the row of conquer trees, in autumn there is lots of conquers all over, and me and mum usually put them in vases and display them on the windowsill. The birds are tweeting above me and a ray of sunlight shines through the trees and the leaves sparkle. It’s like the whole forest has come to live, it’s almost magical.
The clouds cover up the sun again and it’s back to a boring old forest full of trees, mud and moss.

There will be more added soon. Later... the magic will BEGIN!


  1. A beautiful story:) I love it!Keep posting:)

  2. Thanks x I still need to come up with the rest of the story. When i write more of it i will post it on my blog.

  3. its really good sis i just read it this morning lol so c yaz,and plz wake (at mo your in bed )bye xx

  4. Thanks but i meant can you read the other story x