Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The rocky cove (Part 2)

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Here is part two of the rocky cove...

Luckily the tide is out. If i brought my bucket and net i could if gone rock pooling too, but we were only there to look for fossils.
"Right, look for these types of rocks, these are the types where you usually find fossils" Said my dad looking at a big rock with patternd rocks stuck into it. So i set off looking further down the beach, while my mum and dad looked up from where i left off. I had the small hammer with me because mum doesn't like me using the big hammer in case i drop it on my foot or something. I go further down until i get to a small dip in the cliff of rocks. Its almost like a small cave, i take my flashlight out (dad said before we left to take a flashlight in case we get to anything like this) and shine it inside. It goes in a bit further than i thought so i decide to take a peek inside. I stumble on the rocks and end up falling. I get up, wipe my jeans and try again. It was a good job no'one was there to see it, otherwise that would be embarrasing. This time i didnt stumble and i get into the small cave. There is a little pool of water with a large stone placed in the middle. It looks ever so pretty, so i decide to take a picture of it, because i would probably never come to something like this again. I get my camera out and snap, picture taken. Then i notice something sparkling, stuck in the rock at the side of the walls. I turn to it to find a large, green, disc type shape. I try to pull it out, but it doesnt budge. So i decide to risk using the small hammer. I slowly and carefully knock the bits of rock off around it until i can pull it out. After a bit more hammering and a lot of pulling, the green disk type thing comes out. I wipe the dirt of it and study it more closly. It's a dark green and gets more turquoise round the sides. It looks pretty and important so i decide to keep it. "Dont let it get into the wrong hands. Keep it safe" Whispered a voice. I turned round to see... Nothing.
"Who's there" I say panicking. "Who said that"
"Me" Said the voice again. But there was no'one there.
"Who's me" I said turning round in every direction holding my hammer out.
"It doesn't matter. Just keep the dragon scale safe and don't tell anyone about it"
"Dragon Scale?" I breathed, my eyes wide, staring at the big green disc, which (apparantly) is a dragon scale.
WOW!! A real dragon scale. I couldn't believe it.
"What do you mean don't let it fall into the wrong hands?" I asked the voice.
"There is another person after them. Someone who wants to use them for bad. His name is Oran Firedreamer"
"Them? You mean there is more of these?" I said suprised, i glanced down at the scale, admiring it.
"Yes, one boy, Silas firecaster has one, Rebecca sandstone has one, you have one and Oran firedreamer has two. There is five. I want you to team up with Silas and Rebecca and i want you three to get the two that Oran has got, so you can restore them back the the great master dragon.
It was all too much to take in. A big adventure. An evil person. Dragon scales. Im just 11 years old, i can't do all of this.
"Please, you have to restore them back to the master dragon. If Oran gets them all he could destroy the world" The voice sounded as if it was in desperate need of me to say yes.
"Fine, i will do it. But what about my mum and dad. And where will Silas and Rebecca be?"
"Thank you so much! Dont worry about your mum and dad, i will take care of them. And Silas and Rebecca, well you will have to meet half way with them. I will send a message to them to say to meet somewhere. You will have to set off on a big adventure. I hope your prepared" ...

Thats all from me. Its getting exciting, i know!!
When i write more i will post it.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The rocky cove (The begining)

Hey bloggers,

Thanks to Asmita, who gave me a brilliant idea of writing a story about 'Dragons', i have a new story to post. I hope you like it...

"Morning" I said rushing down the stairs.
"Morning, are you ready to go to 'The rocky cove'?" Asked mum pouing out a bowl of branflakes.
"Yep!, i have my bag packed with my camera, a bottle of water, a few snacks and now all i need is some plastic bags, in case we find any fossils"
"Ok, they're in the cupboard" Mum said pointing to the big wooden cupboard next to the worktop.
I took out five bags and placed them in my bag.
Today we are going to 'The rocky cove' to look for fossils, one of my dad's friends, at work, said its a really good place to go fossil hunting.
My dad came down the stairs holding a big hammer, a small hammer, and a chizzle.
"Dont forget to put a couple of packs of tissues in your bag, it's very muddy and your hands will get dirty" He said.

After we finished breakfast, and we were all ready to go, we set off.
I climbed into the backseat of the car, fastened my seatbelt and off we were.
It was a long drive to 'The rocky cove', we past meadows full of flowers, fields full of cows and sheep, and rivers and streams full of trout.
Half way there i must of dozed off, because when i woke up we were there. My dad parked the car into a space and went to get the ticket. There wasn't a lot of cars, so that meant there wasn't a lot of people there, and that was good.
We all got our bags and walked down the steep road until we got to a beach, well... a very rocky beach!

To be continued...

Sorry its not a lot so far, but wait until you find out what Lucy (the main character) discovers...

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Thursday, 14 April 2011

I need ideas!!

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I am very sorry i haven't been posting anymore on my story. I can't think of anything to write, so i decided to start another story. Please can you think of any ideas for my story. If you can think of any, please comment them.

Thank you!

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